TDS on advertisement agency rate contract 2012-2013 ? TDS on Advertisement Printing of materials is applicable or not and if VAT is added in the bill? TDS on advertsiement is applicable, but TDS rate is different that you have to see. If VAT is added then tds is not applicable on stationary. But in that bill they should mentioned as labour charges. They should mentioned material name only.

The section which cover these provisions is 194C of the income tax act, 1961 however for the purpose of payment of tax etc the code to be used is 94C. Remember what ever the section of TDS the payment code is without the digit 1. Its simple to remember.

Is TDS deductible on payments made for to publications? Yes, no doubt you  have to deduct the TDS under head TDS to contractor/subcontractor @ 1.133% as your company had made payment of more than 20000/- at a time. You should deposit the TDS with Interest @ 1% per month. It seems u had not deduct the tax from payment to party. You can adjust that amount of TDS deposited by u in your next payment to that agencies if they are your regular party.

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