Indian Passport for Minors Kids and New Born Babies : Applying an Indian passport for a newborn? Most of my readers ask questions regarding how to apply for indian passport for Minors, Their Kids and especially for NEW born Babies. One of my cousin she was travelling to US and she had just born baby. She came to me and asked does passport required for new born babies as well ? The answer is yes, as per ministry external affairs -Indian Passport , even New Born Babies should also carry passport while travelling internationally.

Procedure to apply for a passport in India for a new born India : The process of applying passport for Minors and New born is same as normal passport application.However there are few additional documents required and need  to carried to passport seva kendra for applying passport for Minors below age 18 years.

Indian passport for minor children below 18 years of age ,Indian Passport for New Born Baby?  What are the Documents required For applying minor ?

  • Submit Annexure-H : Declaration on Plain Paper , mentioning the particulars of the MINOR 1. Name of Minor 2. Date and Place of Birth  and confirming the responsibility of bearing entire expenses on minor and confirming that he/she is CITIZEN of INDIA.
  • Birth certificate & passport for new born
  • Signed by Both Parents (Mother and  Father ) or signed by Legal Guardian
  • Photo Copies of Parents Passport , At least either one of them.
  • For Infants or Minors Below 15 years of age, Please carry Latest passport Size Photo Graphs.

In case of Single Parent – Should submit Annexure-C and  should submit Annexure-I if applying passport for Minor between 15-18 years of Age and applying for 10 years validity.  Also parents residing outside India a sworn Affidavit by parents attested by Indian Mission should be submitted. know more on Passport Renewal.

If the child is adopted , ceritificate of adoption should also be submitted along with above Annexure required. For complete details – Please refer this  Checklist 

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  1. Srinivas says:

    Regarding passport renewal for a minor, where one parent is residing outside India, and the parent is holding a foreign passport, do you have a format of the sworn affidavit that has to be made? Can it be on a plain paper?

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