Police verification for Tatkaal and Fresh Indian Passport Online :  There are multiple stages in Passport Processing. One of the most crucial and important phase is POLICE Verification.  Its mandatory to complete Police Verification for passport approval.

Why Police Verification is so Important ? Passport is very important identity document issued by government of INDIA.Also internationally accepted document and represents nationality as well.So its must for any one who is applying for passport to make sure he/she has produced all the required documents for Police Verification and Physically present at Home or in the address mentioned in the Passport Application during police verification.

When is the Police Verification Starts ?  Generally after submitting passport application at PSK or Passport Office , the next step will be the Police Verification. The verification time depends on the TYPE of Passport Applied.  If its a Fresh Passport Application, the police verification will be done with in Few Weeks. A Police officer will visit your residence to make sure you are residing in the given address. Also he will cross check the tenure of tenancy or years of residence. If you are staying less than a year in an given address , you have to specify the details of OLD address of stay.

Note: Police officer will generally give a call before visiting your residence. In some cities like Bangalore, you may have to visit physically at nearest police station.

Police Verification for TATKAL Passport: For TATKAAL Passports Application , Police Verification is Not Required and can be done after passport issuance.

What to do if POLICE Verification is PENDING ? if you happen to notice that your police verification is pending, you can contact your nearest police station to know the status of your application. Also it could happen like, even the police verification is completed, the file may have delayed to submit to PASSPORT OFFICE. In such cases you can contact commissionaire for verification Status.

Police Verification for MINORs?  Parents or Guardian has to submit their address proof and minor DOB proof and also the passport photo copy if any is available. Parents or Guardian has to produce a declaration form Annexure “G” -Signed.

If you find information is incomplete or not valid, please do comment and also please visit official Government website for complete list of questions and answers on Police verification refer Frequently Asked Question on Police Verification .

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  1. geetha says:

    How do i know which is the nearest police station that i need to visit to know the status of my application

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