Renew online Indian passport renewal application form India : According to Govt. Of India, Renewal of Passport and Re-issue are two separate things. Most People confused with the terminology and assume both are same. When it come to expiry of passport both are some same. However there is a difference. Renewal of Passport is done when you have applied for passport in some emergency and that passport has very short term validity say 5 Years or so.  Such Indian passports can be renewed for longer validity for 10 years or 15 years with zero charges. For renewal of Indian Passport Ideally you don’t have to bear any extra fees or charges.

Indian passport renewal form , Passport Renewal Application Form 2012-2013 :

Indian Passport renewal online

Re-issue of Passport : In case your passport is going to expire soon you have make sure that your passport is renewed immediately. Re-issuel of passport process as similar as applying for new passport . You have to follow the same process as your applying for new passport in India. Government of India has made New Passport or Re-issue of Passport or Any corrections in the passport very easy by means of Online.  The Passport Seva Kendras help citizens of India apply or renew or fix of  problems in their passport themselves online without much hassle.

In many major cities like Bangalore,Vishakapatnam, Chennai where Passport Seva Kendra are available , you can do following things ONLINE:

  •  Indian Passport Renewal or Re-issue , Apply for Fresh Passport, Apply for changes in the Indian Passport
  • Apply for Duplicate Passport in lieu of damaged passport, Lost Passport and all.
Passport Re-issue Application Form: Download Re-issue /Fresh/ New Application Form1 :
You have to Google for Passport Seva  and your area and make sure your area or region has Passport Seva Kendra or Online facility available. Currently not all regions are having online Passport Seva Kendras.

How to Apply or Renew your passport Online:

  1. First Visit
  2. You need to register yourself with valid username and passport.
  3. Once registration is successful , you will find a link for new / renewal of passport link
  4. Click it and fill all the required details
For detailed information  and steps for renewal of Passport : visit this post  How to Apply or Renewal of passport in India 

Reissue or Renewal  of Passport: You can apply for reissue or renewal of passport if you want another passport in lieu of an existing passport for any of the following reasons:

  • Change in Existing personal Particulars.
  • Validity Expired within 3 years/ Due to Expire.
  • Exhaustion of Pages.
  • Damaged Passport.
  • Lost Passport.
  • Validity Expired more than 3 years ago.

Locate your Passport Seva Kendra:

Ahmedabad Dehradun Kozhikode Shimla Amritsar Delhi Lucknow Srinagar Bangalore Ghaziabad Madurai Surat Bareilly Goa Malappuram Thane Bhopal Guwahati Mumbai Trichy Bhubaneswar Hyderabad Nagpur Trivandrum Chandigarh Jaipur Patna Visakhapatnam Chennai Jalandhar Pune  Cochin Jammu Raipur  Coimbatore Kolkata Ranchi

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  1. varun kumar says:

    hi, i want to renew my brother passport….. please send me the procedure. how i have to renew that passport….

  2. amol muranjan says:

    I want application form for renewal of passport for my son age 14 years.

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